About Us

Richard and I took over ownership of Spotty Dog Boarding Kennels in October 2014 and have never looked back.

Richard has farmed the surrounding land for the last 30 years and is a very familiar face. Amongst looking after the farm he deals with the maintenance side of things at the kennels while I look after the day to day activities in the kennels and occasionally help on the farm.

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I am completely dog mad. Apparently my first word was “Charlie” my toy dog.  I spent my entire childhood taking all the neighbours dogs for walks for free much to their delight. I was never allowed a dog as my parents worked full time so I just borrowed them.  My own dog finally came into my life in adulthood – I adopted a greyhound called “Dodger”from the Retired Greyhound Trust. My friends thought I was mad as Dodger didn’t really act like a normal dog – I realise now what they meant – but, having come across quite a few, I just love the way all greyhounds act the same, they are a unique breed with different needs and any greyhound owner will know what I mean. Any that come into the kennels receive extra cuddles from me.

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Some of our greyhound customers that happened to be in at the same time – Bob & Benzo (left), Fay & a rather shy Molly (middle), Rosa and Lily.

As well as Dodger who is now 14,  we have 4 other dogs, Ollie a Jack Russell x, Alfie the Jack Russell, Jake our sheepdog and Ben our puppy sheepdog.

Dodger & Alfie 245IMG_20150815_140131

as well as 3 cats – Felix, Ruby and Benny. Benny our little cream cat has sadly been missing since Friday 7th August 2015

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I also have Bruno, my horse, which nowadays I hardly have time to ride. At the grand age of 18 he prefers to chill out. However he had a major part to play on our wedding day 29th May 2016.


We are located on the Mountgarret Estate surrounded by beautiful countryside and spoilt for choice when going walkies.

We only have 20 kennels but that ensures we offer a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere and enables us to provide that extra level of care and those extra cuddles!

We offer both short and long term boarding as well as day care.

If your dog has never been into kennels before then speak to us about our free of charge trial days, where you can arrange for your dog to spend the day or half a day with us to allow him/her to become accustomed to the kennels environment and so that we can assess and give you feedback as to how well your dog settles in.

We are always happy to show prospective customers around – no need to make an appointment, just call in between 9-11am or 4.30-5.30pm Monday to Saturday or 9-11.30am Sundays.

We are fully licenced by Harrogate Borough Council (licence number LN/199309777) and are fully insured. We also have 24 hour CCTV and fire alarms throughout the building – both of which are linked to our phones.

Please note we are unable to admit any dogs/cats without sight of a valid up to date vaccination certificate, unless your vet can authorise otherwise, and immunity must not run out during their stay.

Dogs MUST ALSO be vaccinated against kennel cough and cannot enter the kennels within 14 days of being vaccinated if not previously done or 72 hours if their booster has recently expired. 

Cats should not be boarded until 14 days after vaccination if not previously done or their booster has expired.

Please also ensure your dog/cat is up to date with their worming and flea treatment or has been treated at least 7 days before coming into us.

I have now had to say goodbye to my two beloved best friends. 

Sleep well my beautiful boys

Dodger 2001 – Sept 2015   &  Bruno 1998 – Sept 2016

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