We only have 5 interior purpose built sleeping pods with large runs. These are located at the opposite side of the building where there is no barking, just purring.

We have 4 large units which can house 2 cats and the extra-large family unit which can house up to 4 cats from the same home.

Each unit is white UPVC at the bottom area so cats have no contact with each other but they can see each other through the glass on their viewing platform. All have an internal UVPC 2 tier bedroom with a heat pad and a ramp leading to their downstairs play and feeding area.

They do not have access to the outside, however each cat has the opportunity to walk round the cattery twice a day whilst we are cleaning their pod. The whole room is very light and airy with two large double windows for the cats to watch the comings and goings of the birds and squirrels and any fluffy bunnies that might hop by.  The large family unit does have its own window and viewing platform.

Daily Routine

Each morning and evening the cats are checked, fed, watered and their litter trays cleaned out with lots of cuddles and attention in between. They can stroll round the cattery if they want to or stay snuggled in their bed.


All units are provided with beds, soft vet bedding and various mats to lie on. They each have a scratching post, arm chair to snooze in and lots of toys.  Of course you are most welcome to bring your own bedding and toys too.  We also provide litter trays and feeding bowls.


We always recommend you bring your own food for your cat as a change of diet can give them an upset tummy. However, we do provide both wet and dry Whiskers or Felix and for real fussy eaters we temp them with cooked chicken or tuna.


We always recommend you do your own thorough health check before your cat comes into the cattery. Please advise us of any medical conditions beforehand . We are happy to administer medication  provided it can be given by a person who does not hold veterinary qualifications.

Please note we are unable to admit any cats without sight of a valid up to date vaccination certificate, unless your vet can authorise otherwise, and immunity must not run out during their stay.

Cats cannot be boarded until 14 days after vaccination if not previously done or their booster has expired. Please ensure your cat is up to date with their worming and flea treatment and done at least one week before coming in – we don’t want extra guests staying!!